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"Soaked In Bleach" - 2014
A new film about the final days of Kurt Cobain

Please do not get this new film confused with the claims about a fictional film based on the highly inaccurate book, Heavier Than Heaven, which has been falsely promoted since 2007.

This has been a transparent publicity stunt by Courtney Love to try to keep her name in the media while she continues to use her late husband's name and fan base to get attention for herself. I do not believe Courtney's alleged Biopic of Kurt Cobain will ever be done, at least not as long as Courtney has any control whatsoever over a film such as this. Readers who have paid attention will notice that the basic underlying details of this alleged film in progress has changed very little, if any, over the past seven years.

I hope I'm wrong. Any film based on that terrible book or any film done under the input or control of Courtney Love will only serve to make Soaked In Bleach a much more credible account of the final days of Kurt Cobain.

Now back to Soaked In Bleach.

I was hired as a consultant for Soaked In Bleach, so I was on location during most of the filming. I also spoke on camera about the conclusions I reached during my investigation into the suspicious death of Kurt Cobain.

I believe this is going to be a ground breaking film/docudrama unlike anything we've seen over the past twenty years.

Have a look below at the first released trailer and check out the August 4, 2014 article link displayed below the film trailer link..

August 4, 2014
Another well written article about the upcoming release of Soaked In Bleach-2014 was published and posted online

For more about the new film, Soaked In Bleach, go to the IMDb site by clicking on the IMDb icon. Then click on each actor's photo for their individual acting credits.

Daniel Roebuck, the lead actor, has a great demo reel at: http://www.imdb.com/video/user/vi339058201?ref_=nm_rvd_vi_1

Thank you for your loyal support as we continue to push forward.

You're going to want to keep your eyes and ears open for what's ahead. It should get very interesting!

Tom Grant