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Kurt Cobain Did Not Attempt Suicide on March 18, 1994
By Matthew Richer

As mentioned many times in the new film, "Soaked in Bleach" and elsewhere, many false facts were widely reported in the media after Kurt Cobain's body was discovered in the greenhouse above his garage on April 8, 1994. The most misleading among them being that Cobain's mother, Wendy O'Connor, filed a Missing Person's Report alleging that Cobain had recently escaped from a drug rehab in Marina del Rey, CA. on April 1st, flew back to Seattle, then purchased a shotgun in order to commit suicide.

In reality, it was Courtney Love who filed this Missing Person's Report - an indisputably false report - in her mother-in-law's name. We know from Courtney's own recorded admission that she impersonated her mother-in-law when she filed this report. I believe the reason was obvious - it allowed her to insert her own wording in the report, which read, in part: "Mr. Cobain ran away from a California facility and flew back to Seattle. He also bought a shotgun and may be suicidal."

You have to hand it to Courtney Love. The woman knows how to work the police and the press as once again, it was her version of the facts - and not the true facts - which ended up being reported in the media.

The truth is that Kurt Cobain was not attending a lockdown treatment facility and did not need to "run away" from it. In fact, it appears that Cobain simply walked out the front door of the facility on April 1st and caught a cab to LAX airport, as he was perfectly free to do. Moreover, Cobain did not purchase a shotgun after he returned to Seattle. He actually purchased the shotgun before he flew to Los Angeles to attend drug rehab.

The advantage of the Missing Person's Report, however, is that it predisposed both the police and the press to believe that Kurt Cobain was determined to commit suicide. After all, his own mother said so. Subsequently, the Seattle Police ruled the case a suicide the same day the body was discovered.

However, there is another story that Courtney Love fed the media that spring that greatly influenced the perception, both in the press and the public, that Kurt Cobain must have taken his own life: the alleged suicide attempt on March 18, 1994. But thanks to a Seattle Police detective, we have recently proven this story to be utterly groundless.

On Friday, March 18, Courtney Love dialed 911 from her Seattle home and told arriving police officers that Kurt Cobain had locked himself in a room with a gun and was about to take his own life. After Cobain's body was discovered a few weeks later, the press would often portray this incident as additional evidence of Cobain's all-consuming desire to commit suicide. The real facts, however, tell a very different story.

The following is from the police report about the incident written by Officer Everett Edwards, the first patrol officer to appear on the scene that day:

"I arrived and contacted Courtney Love. Ms. Love stated that Cobain, Kurt had locked himself in a room and that he was going to kill himself. She also stated that he had a gun in the room."

In an interview with the author, Everett Edwards (now Detective Edwards) told me that when he arrived at the house, Courtney Love was standing on the front porch screaming wildly: "He locked himself in a room! He's gotta gun! He's gonna fucking kill himself!"

Edwards told me that he then informed Love that he would have to wait for backup to arrive before he could enter the house.

"Well, if you're not gonna do anything, then just get the F*** out of here!" Love shouted.

But other units arrived within minutes. Next, several officers entered the house through the front door while Officer Edwards and his partner headed for the backdoor.

Now here's where it gets interesting.

According to articles published in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and the Associated Press on April 9th, the day after Kurt's body was discovered, Seattle Police officers located Cobain in a locked room inside the house and then forcibly "coaxed" him from the room. Many other media outlets subsequently repeated this story, but it turns out to be completely untrue.

According to Detective Everett Edwards, the reality is that Kurt Cobain was not inside the house at all when the police arrived that day. Instead, when Edwards and his partner attempted to enter the house through the backdoor, they discovered an unarmed Kurt Cobain sheepishly standing in the backyard with his hands in his pockets. Moreover, Cobain did not appear suicidal; rather, he seemed deeply embarrassed by the situation.

"He just really wanted to get out of there," said Edwards (who had then, incidentally, never heard of Kurt Cobain).

Next, Officer Edwards asked Kurt Cobain to accompany him to his patrol car to discuss the situation. Cobain agreed and calmly walked down the driveway and sat in the backseat.

"He was just a very, very nice guy," said Edwards who sat beside Cobain and spoke to him at length.

Cobain told Edwards that he wasn't suicidal, and explained that he simply locked himself in a room after an argument with Courtney. He emphatically denied that he ever said that he wanted to hurt himself. Edwards also told me that Cobain did not appear to be under the influence of any drugs whatsoever.

In due course, when the other officers interviewed Courtney Love inside the house, she actually admitted to them that she made the entire story up. According to the police report:

"After further interviewing Ms. Love, she stated that she did not see him with a gun, and he did not say he was going to kill himself. However, when he locked himself in the room, would not open the door, and knowing that he had access to guns, she contacted 911 for his safety and wellbeing."

This is important because this is the first of two reports Courtney Love would make to the Seattle Police Department inside of a month where she falsely claimed that Kurt Cobain was suicidal and had a gun.

Love then told officers of the firearms that Cobain kept in the house and the police, following protocol in domestic violence situations, confiscated the weapons, as well as some medication.

After Kurt Cobain's body was discovered a few weeks later, the media continually portrayed this incident both as evidence of Cobain being hopelessly suicidal and of Courtney Love's steadfast dedication to saving his life. For example, Newsweek published an ominous cover story by David Gelman on April 18 entitled "The Mystery of Suicide."

"On March 18, Cobain reportedly locked himself in a room of his spacious Seattle home and threatened to kill himself. Love is said to have called the police, who arrived on the scene and seized medication and firearms."

Detective Everett Never Contacted!

Seattle Homicide detectives never contacted Officer Everett Edwards to ask him what had happened on March 18. They simply closed the case the day Cobain's body was discovered and Courtney Love had it cremated six days later.

Over the years, Courtney Love has told different versions of the March 18 incident. Courtney told her biographer Poppy Brite that Kurt locked himself in the bathroom that day, but later told Charles Cross that Kurt locked himself in the bedroom. In an interview with Craig Marks published in SPIN Magazine in February, 1995, Courtney told a far more histrionic version of the incident than the one she told the police:

"See those marks on the door. On the wall. That's from when he was in here with guns, and I kicked it in. Or tried to. It was too secure. He finally just unlocked it. And there were the guns, out. And I grabbed one. This was March 18. I grabbed the revolver, and I put it to my head, and I said, 'I'm going to pull this right now. I cannot see you die. I cannot see you die again.' He grabbed my hand. He was screaming. 'There's no safety. You don't understand, there's no safety on that. It's going to go off.' So he got it from me. And I was seriously going to blow my head off right in front of him, because I could not deal with it."

This story, of course, completely contradicts the account given to us by Detective Everett Edwards, a decorated police officer with an exemplary record. In fact, Courtney Love never told this dramatic version of the March 18th incident to anyone prior to its appearance in SPIN Magazine.

So what else happened on March 18, 1994? Well, we aren't likely to receive any answers soon because Courtney Love has reportedly surrounded herself with an army of lawyers, hoping to stave off any more questions about her late husband's highly suspicious death. Unfortunately for Courtney, these questions are not going away. Indeed, we have even more questions that we are ready to ask if the authorities are willing to honestly reopen the investigation into the death of Kurt Cobain.

Matthew Richer is a Boston-based writer who has written for a number of publications both here and abroad, including Modern Age, Policy Review, and VDARE. He is also the co-author with Tom Grant of the "Murder at Lake Washington" book series.

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