Bullies Nightmare - Part #2
By Tom Grant

Courtney Love - Directly Connected
to Sam Lutfi's Crazy Antics
- Documents Provided -

July 14, 2016
The New York Post's "Page 6" published a story with the headline
"The Battle for Kurt Cobain's Guitar Is Getting Ugly"

To begin Part #2 of the Sam Lutfi files, I would like to respond to the above "Page 6" article.

The title is extremely misleading. Sure the headline is an attention getter and that's really what news editors want. However, let's get real here; this is not about the "Battle for Kurt Cobain's Guitar." That's just the way this magazine simplified a more complex and potentially dangerous issue.

This is about harassment, extortion, and serious threats against a young lady with a 7-year-old child and her extended family.

Of course we expected Sam Lutfi to have some excuse for his angry threats and his screaming, thug-like tone of voice in the recorded conversations. But we would have never expected his excuse to be so very lame. It seems like this guy just makes things up on the fly and isn't intelligent enough to come up with a believable reason for his actions.

Lutfi claims he was angry at Jessica because he felt "threatened by her." and that Jessica "recently tried to provoke Frances into killing herself by taunting her about her father's suicide." Lutfi went on to call [Jessica] Sullivan "an awful human being. So I told her off" according to the "Page 6" article.

What could it be about this 100 lb, very thin, normally soft-spoken young lady, that could possibly be a threat to a thug like Sam Lutfi? For a guy who tries to sound so tough, his reaction to the release of these recordings is ridiculously impotent.

Let's be very clear here; if anyone including Jessica Sullivan, ever truly tried to provoke Frances Bean Cobain in "killing herself" by taunting her about her father's "suicide," that person, whoever it was, would be my Public Enemy #1.

But let's listen to the first audio sample from Part #1 again and apply some simple logic and common sense.

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Jessica: "What have I ever done to Frances?"

Sam: "You think you're fucking smart?"

"Do you have any idea what type of people you're dealing against?"

"Are you stupid?"

Jessica: "I don't want anybody to take care of me and my girlfriend and my daughter."

So Jessica begins by saying: "What have I ever done to Frances?"

If what Lutfi claimed about Jessica's attempt to "provoke Frances into killing herself by taunting her about her father's suicide," were true, wouldn't that be the first thing out of his mouth in response to Jessica's question - "What have I ever done to Frances?"

But no, Lutfi says, "you're stabbing her in the back" (which was just hyperbole or Jessica would be in jail today). Then he goes on to try to intimidate Jessica into "siding" with Frances [against the father of Jessica's child, Isaiah Silva] and [Frances will] "take care of you and your wife [girlfriend], and your daughter until the day you die."

The law calls that "Extortion."

But does that actually sound like a man who is angry that Jessica tried to "provoke Frances into killing herself"?

Keep in mind, Frances' own mother "taunted" Kurt Cobain's death constantly in her earlier stage performances.

More importantly, we can only imagine what kind of psychosomatic damage had already been done to a very young France Bean when her own mother put together her 16th birthday party with the theme of the party based on "Suicide" and a prize of $500 to the "best dressed" guest who appears to be the most dead. It seems like any real emotional damage to Frances has come from her own mother, not from one of her closest friends - including the mother of her stepchild - Jessica Sullivan.

So we need to ask Sam now: Do you think you're smart?

Are you stupid?

Can't you come up with a more legitimate sounding excuse for harassing and threatening this young lady and her daughter? Or do you just blast out the first thing that enters your brain when confronted with evidence of your bullying personality?


Attorney Letter Page 1

You will notice that this is a two-page letter that is not from Frances Cobain's attorney. It is from Courtney Love's attorney.

It was sent to Isaiah Silva's attorney nearly 24 hours after Isaiah is said to have been kidnapped by Sam Lutfi on June 3rd of 2016.

The names and addresses of the attorneys here have been redacted by bulliesnightmare.com as a courtesy to prevent harrassment from those not directly involved in this case. We do, however, have the full, unredacted copies of these two pages in our possession.

The non-disclosure nonsense at the bottom of these e-mailed pages is non-enforceable and only included by the sender as a scare tactic. It would not hold up in court.

Page 2

What we have here is a letter from Courtney Love's attorney to Isaiah Silva's attorney asking to have Isaiah agree to and sign Courtney Love's injected terms and conditions into Frances Cobain's divorce settlement. If this was from Frances, why wasn't the letter addressed as "I represent Frances Cobain" instead of "I represent Courtney Love"?

Let's have a closer look at Courtney Love's added terms and conditions:

Item #1 - Vacating the house.

Why would Isaiah Silva be asked by Courtney Love, not Frances, to vacate Isaiah and Frances' house within 12 days, "leaving same in clean condition" AND "turn over the keys to Sam Lutfi?

This letter is pathetically ridiculous. It's difficult to believe that any attorney would be involved in such a comical request. Is there a judge in this country who would force any tenant, much less a disputed co-owner, to vacate and clean such a large house - mostly packed full of Frances Cobain's personal belongings - within a 12 day period?

Item #2 - Removing Isaiah's father from the house trust.

Courtney Love is expecting Isaiah Silva to remove his father, Walter Silva, from the trust account under which Isaiah and Frances Cobain had purchased another house in West Hollywood, primarily as an investment. This is the same house now occupied by Jessica Sullivan, the mother of Isaiah's daughter who also now lives at that residence.

Item #3 - "I will turn over all tapes, videos and photos of Frances Cobain to Sam Lutfi."

Although they were only married for about two years, Isaiah and Frances have a 6-year history together. They've traveled and they've taken photos and videos of themselves and the places they've visited together.

But hey Courtney, if it makes you happy, Isaiah will turn over his treasured memories to Sam Lutfi, of all people.

Or maybe he won't. That's our guess.

Item #4 - "Spousal support."

No comment. Not interested.

Item #5 - "I will never threaten, bully, extort or try to intimidate Frances Cobain.

This is what is referred to as deflection. Acting as if someone else is doing the very things you know you are guilty of doing. We have evidence of the threats, extortion attempts and the bullying by Courtney's friend, Sam Lutfi. Is there ANY evidence that Isaiah has ever done ANY of these things to Frances?

Item #6 - "I agree to return the guitar Frances provided to me which belonged to her father."

Isaiah Silva claims that Frances gave him the guitar in question as a wedding present. And here Courtney Love, through her attorney, acknowledges that Frances "provided" the guitar to Isaiah.

Once again, let's simply apply some good old common sense and logic here as we think about what "provided" means:

It is said that this particular guitar - the one that Kurt Cobain played in MTV's "Unplugged" - is now worth millions of dollars.

This would cause any reasonable person ask: "Why would Frances merely "provide" this guitar to Isaiah? What did she think he would use it for, band practice? Or maybe just to Carry it around to show off to his friends?

What is more logical here: Frances "provided" that multi-million dollar guitar for Isaiah to do with whatever he wants - or - Frances gave that guitar to the man she loved on their wedding day as a gift, knowing that Isaiah would treasure, value and protect such a sentimental and priceless gift for the rest of his life?

If Isaiah, (the man in this marriage), would have been extremely wealthy and had given his wife, (the woman in this relationship) - who only had a modest income of her own - a sentimental family heirloom worth millions of dollars as a wedding gift, would this guitar even be an issue now?

Of course not. THAT happens all the time. The public accepts men giving women expensive wedding presents. Sadly, most do not see the hypocrisy of this kind of thinking when the male/female roles are reversed.

Item #7 - "I will file a response to the current divorce proceeding and these terms shall be incorporated into a Stipulated Judgment which the parties shall sign."

After all these pretentiousness demands, if this line had been written into a television sit-com it would have been hilarious.

You will notice that no one has signed these ridiculous papers and according too our sources, they never will.

Is there any question now that Courtney Love is deeply entrenched with Sam Lutfi and his psychotic antics?

From an article posted at "dlisted.com" on July 15, 2016;

"I know this guitar is worth millions of dollars, but it's still just a guitar. Not to mention how empty Sam's threats are. The last time I checked, CPS won't take your kid away to Miss Hannigan's because you refuse to return a guitar that used to belong to your estranged wife's dad. If Sam really wanted to scare them into giving the guitar back, he should have sent Jessica a picture of Courtney Love and a real estate agent looking at the house next door to hers with a note that said "Give back the guitar or Courtney Love will be your new neighbor."

As you read from the documents provided above, Courtney Love has inserted at least 7 items that she feels are in contention during this pending divorce, including real estate and residency issues.

So although it makes a better headline for the press - this is not just about the guitar. However, I do appreciate the "dlisted.com" writer's sense of humor.

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