Response to Reelz TV Show - Part 2 by Tom Grant

ReelzChannel "Autopsy"
Cable TV Episode Broadcast on February 18, 2017
With Dr. Michael Hunter - Regarding the death of Kurt Cobain

Response by Tom Grant
(Part 2)

Part 1 of this 2 part response got right to the main issue of demonstrating how the ReelzChannel's "Autopsy" show actually proved Cobain's death was a murder, not a suicide.

As a follow-up, this will be a very small sampling of that bizarre episode which was done specifically for ratings in anticipation of what would have been Kurt's 50th birthday on February 20th.

I must remind you that there is a plethora of information on the subject of Kurt Cobain's murder. Here is a short list of what I consider to be the best resources you can use for your own research in the order of my personal preferences:

1. Benjamin Statler's film "Soaked in Bleach" - now available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Movies, and many other film outlets.

2. Our recent book - "The Mysterious Death Of Kurt Cobain" - hand signed print copies are available at

3. My website - especially the link to my "Focus" page at

You will notice that not all of the details, misrepresentations and outright deception presented in this ReelzChannel episode on Kurt Cobain's death could be addressed here. I tried to cover the basics and I hope that will be enough.

Now, as we delve deeper into just a few of the additional issues and details seen by the viewers of this terribly produced ReelzChannel "documentary," I want to begin Part 2 by reminding readers of the role the media plays with its influence in propagating what most people believe to be true.

With a few exceptions, I used photos and graphics in Part 2 instead of so many video clips. I did this because my comments are disabled from most of my YouTube videos since the cuts I've used here are very short and only intended for viewing on three of the many pages displayed on our website.

The photos and comments are not necessarily in the same sequence as those shown in the ReelzChannel episode. I formatted this sequence and the accompanying photos, graphics and videos for the simple purpose of making it easier for readers here to keep everything in a more understandable visual outline of that ReelzChannel show.

I want to be clear about imperfections. Nobody is perfect, in life or in the work they do. This includes myself. We all make mistakes on occasion, so please don't expect me or anyone else to always be exactly spot on with every tiny detail.

However, the mistakes made by the ReelzChannel producers, writers and Dr. Hunter, go beyond professional acceptability and with no real accountability for their gross errors. There are just far too many contradictions in logic as well as copious attempts to purposefully mislead the public in this "Autopsy" episode on Kurt cobain's death.

Dr. Hunter and the narrator of this particular show have demonstrated this show's inadequate research which resulted in a very inaccurate presentation of the facts. These massive errors illustrate an irresponsible mindset and lack of concern for truth.

medical evidence

The key word there was "AVAILABLE."

Since the name of this ReelzChannel show is "Autopsy" the producers naturally want to give the impression that they have seen or have obtained an actual copy of ALL the reports, INCLUDING Kurt Cobain's actual Autopsy report.

I can assure you that they have not.

I'll have more to say on that later.



killed Kurt Cobain

These are two separate cuts from the narrator at different times during the beginning of this show. He emphasizes the point that Dr. Hunter is going to FINALLY reveal to everyone the TRUE CAUSE of what REALLY killed Kurt Cobain.

It's been over 22 years but FINALLY Dr. Hunter is going to get to the bottom of all this.

I can't wait!

This episode is based on a very old television writing formula. During difficult times in our lives we've all imagined someone coming to our rescue. Television and film writers use that basic human knowledge as they formulate their plots, whether fiction or non-fiction.

This script writing method reminds me of one of my favorite television shows when I was a child. In that show a heroic cowboy and his side kick rode in to save the day for the poor townspeople of the old west. Here's a short clip:

The formula for these ReelzChannel "Autopsy" episodes are very similar - with the modern version using Dr. Hunter as "The Lone Ranger" and the show's narrator as Dr. Hunter's sidekick, "Tonto."


Another interview

The terminology used here - "recently discovered" - makes those statements blatant lies. Both of those interviews have been available to the public both online and in television and magazine coverage for years.

There's only one reason for this con job; convince the viewers that Dr. Hunter is the "real deal." He has somehow uncovered interviews with Kurt Cobain that very few people have heard.

The writers of this show knew exactly what they were attempting to convey when they scripted those lines.

The so-called

Again, cleverly worded phrases were used here by Dr. Hunter as they displayed the copy of a report. See the screenshot posted here to the left.

The key words here are "THE" and "POSTMORTEM."

"The" implies there is only one, not many, as was the case with the Seattle police reports.

"Postmortem" only means ANY report, investigative OR medical, done AFTER a person dies, no matter who writes it or where it comes from.

And sure enough, by clicking on the screenshot photo to the left of this audio file, you'll be able to see this entire Seattle POLICE report that Dr. Hunter referred to as "The Postmortem."
*Note: Be sure to use the "Back Arrow" on your browser to return to this page after viewing that report in full.

You're probably aware that there are nearly one hundred pages of Seattle police reports written for Kurt Cobain's death investigation. Most were added to the original batch of reports in order to cover the original homicide investigator's careless investigation that we quickly exposed.

Some of those reports included departmental memos that made this very clear by specifically (and sarcastically), mentioning the work I was personally doing along with some of the things they needed to do to cover their tracks.

Those police reports were released to myself and to the public through the "Freedom of Information Act" over 22 years ago!

This was not a medical report, as Dr. Hunter cleverly tried to imply. It was simply another page of one of the MANY police reports we obtained and reviewed many years ago.

So why did Dr. Hunter say "the" instead of "one of" ?

And why did Dr. Hunter say "postmortem" instead of "police report" ?

I can think of no logical reason other than they were attempting to make it appear to the average viewer of this "Autopsy" episode, that Dr. Hunter was in possession of Kurt Cobain's real autopsy report.

After all, without Cobain's actual autopsy report, what's the purpose of doing a show named "Autopsy" ?

As you'll soon see, the attempts to deceive the viewers here were clever, but extremely foolish.

Autopsy Report

Again, Dr. Hunter shrewdly comments about Cobain's "autopsy." While he doesn't actually say he saw or read the real autopsy report, he does claim to know what it says.

He finishes his comment here by talking about the 1.52 Mgs per liter of heroin, (turned morphine) and calls it an INCREDIBLE level.

Not news!

We've all known about the 1.52 Mgs per litre level for over 22 years! And that level was confirmed again in 2014 by a report written and filed by Detective Ciesynski of the Seattle police department.

As he discusses the "autopsy report" Dr. Hunter displays what APPEARS to be an official medical report of some kind. At a quick glance, (which is all they give you), most non-medical or non-law enforcement viewers would assume, again, that this must be the real autopsy report.

It was not.

The video of that report used for the taping of this "Autopsy" episode was a report written by someone on the ReelzChannel television staff as they COPIED the wording from one of the Seattle POLICE REPORTS filed in 2014 by Seattle police department's own detective Mike Ciesynski.

How do I know this?

Because we have a copy of that same report posted at: with the wording exactly the same as in the report shown by this "Autopsy" episode. The difference, however, is that the few paragraphs displayed in this show begin in different positions than those found in the original report filed by Detective Ciesynski.

This indicates to me that the report used for this show was a simulated report prepared by the ReelzChannel staff to allow for better camera shots with only limited viewing of the entire fake document.

I have no doubt that Detective Ciesynski quoted certain sentences from the actual autopsy report when he wrote those words in his more recent police report. But in the same paragraph of that same police report, he also quotes a conversation he just had with the current [2014] Medical Examiner, Dr. Haruff.

So again, this "Autopsy" episode merely presented a small portion of a POLICE REPORT, not the Medical Examiner's AUTOPSY REPORT which has never been released or quoted in full to the public or to Dr. Hunter.

Keep in mind, it was the Seattle police department that botched their original investigation into Cobain's death. All of those involved, including Detective Ciesynski, have been attempting to cover their tracks ever since.

During that lengthy process, they've made the same glaring mistakes copied by the producers of this "Autopsy" episode.

Detective Ciesynski's televised interview and written reports from 2014 actually confirmed that Kurt Cobain had to have been murdered and could not have committed suicide.
(Please refer to for all of those details)

In any case, this was NOT Kurt Cobain's full autopsy report as they'd like their viewers to think. I'll have more on that soon.

[Regarding Rome]
Kurt left a SUICIDE note

He claims

Once again, there's no evidence whatsoever that the note left by Kurt in Rome was a "suicide" note. No one but Courtney Love and the Seattle police have even seen that note.

As most of you already know from listening to my recordings with Courtney Love, Sgt. Cameron brought that note to Courtney the day after Kristen Pfaff was found dead from an "accidental overdose" and told Courtney, "I'd get rid of this if I were you. It won't do you any good."

So she burned it!

Was it a suicide note or wasn't it? We can take Courtney's word for it. We can take Dr. Hunter's word for it. Or... we can take Kurt's very own words for it - directly from the mouth of Courtney Love herself!

Listen closely to the end of that second audio clip above. "He claims he was leaving me."

The use of the word "claims" is very important in that recorded conversation. It is present tense. The recording was made days before Kurt's body was found. Courtney was talking to me thinking Kurt was still alive and at that time she had no way of knowing yet whether or not he would make his escape from Seattle before he was killed.

So while Courtney was beginning to propagate the talk about "suicide" she had to be careful in case Kurt was later able to discuss the note he left for her in Rome with anyone else. That would leave Courtney unable then to claim it was a "suicide" note.

Regarding Kurt's

for his death

More formula script writing. Build up a suspended question, then later take it down.

Why even spend the time mentioning it at all if it was meaningless?

The answer is twofold:
1. The opportunity to quote the Rome incident as a "suicide attempt" without ANY evidence whatsoever, except for what we know to be lies that Courtney Love has personally fed to the media.

As most of you know, the very experienced emergency room doctor in Rome did not even believe Kurt had attempted to kill himself. And, he disagreed publicly about what Courtney was telling the press regarding the "excessive" amount of Rohypnol found in Kurt's system!

2. - Television formulated Drama.

But this topic gets confusing when Doctor Hunter comes back to the topic of Kurt's stomach pain in his final conclusion, (found later on this page), contradicting the point he just made.

Trying to explain the

Listen closely. The key word here is MAY.

"The Medical Examiner MAY only be able to get blood from the heart sample."

Dr. Hunter just proved that he has never seen or obtained a copy of Kurt Cobain's full autopsy report. If he had, he wouldn't have used the words "may only..."

The autopsy report would have described in detail exactly where the blood that was used for the toxicology tests was drawn from. That information would be essential to any autopsy where blood is drawn for testing.

Naming this ReelzChannel show about Kurt Cobain's death "Autopsy" and attempting to fool the public about the reports they repeatedly refer to, is extremely deceptive.

I would be ashamed to be associated with Dr. Hunter or the ReelzChannel team in any capacity whatsoever..

Getting back to the issue of Kurt's blood morphine levels, it seems here that Dr. Hunter is attempting to disregard the potency and lethality of the amount of heroin/morphine found in Cobain's blood system, regardless of where the blood was drawn from. So he puts this teaser out to consume some needless airtime and also to stir the pot a little for the viewers.

But it's obvious that the area of Cobain's body that the blood was drawn from doesn't really matter here because, as mentioned in Part 1 of my response, EVERYONE here agrees that the amount was so excessive, it would have killed him. Not only that, but according to the researchers at the ReelzChannel, it would have killed him within 1 minute!

You heard that in Part 1 of this response. You'll hear it again shortly.

Is Dr. Hunter a PSYCHIC?
The Imaginary Scenario

Once again Dr. Hunter takes his lead from Seattle police department's own Detective Ciesynski.

Dr. Hunter ignores the obvious and bases his conclusion of suicide on anecdotal comments and speculation about Kurt's mental health while ignoring the hard medical evidence as he appears to transform into somewhat of a psychic.

The fly-on-the-wall scenario given by these careless researchers is easily refuted WITH DOCUMENTATION.

The narrator, (Dr. Hunter's "sidekick"), begins his comments here by actually giving the day and TIME (6:00 AM) that Kurt allegedly began his journey to "suicide."

First, let me tell you that no one, and I mean absolutely no one - other than Kurt's killer(s) - knows the EXACT DAY AND TIME that ANY of this actually happened.

And here's the proof.

Kurt Cobain's publicly available Death Certificate clearly shows that Dr. Hartshorne - the Doctor who performed Cobain's autopsy and signed off on his Death Certificate - could only give an ESTIMATE of Cobain's time of death, listing it as "4/5/94 - ?PM."

As you look closely at the day and time estimated in that section of Cobain's Death Certificate, you'll also notice the text that reads "Hour of Injury (24 hrs)". That is the common indication on Death Certificates that the time of death is an ESTIMATE that can vary, give or take 24 hours.

This means Kurt could have died as early as Monday, April 4th some time after 12:00 noon, or as late as Wednesday, April 6th, after 12:00 noon.

In any case, Dr. Hartshorne's officially documented estimated time of death was Tuesday, April 5th, "?PM”, give or take 24 hours.

But now, nearly 23 years after Kurt's body was cremated, somehow, Dr. Hunter and his ReelzChannel investigative crew, were able to determine that Kurt began the day of his death at "6:00 AM" in the morning of April 5th.

Who knows? Besides being psychic, maybe Dr. Hunter learned more than anyone else by communicating with the dead.

Even more relevant here is the ELEPHANT that is STILL in the room!

Dr. Hunter first tried to downplay the high Morphine levels in Kurt's blood system but they still concluded that the excessive dosage still would have killed Kurt within 1 minute after the injection!

So why even make those meaningless comments about the assumption that the Medical Examiner must have drawn the blood from Cobain's heart?

In his 2014 televised interview, Seattle PD's Detective Ciesyski told the public that this "extreme" dosage would have killed Cobain.

He even said he spoke to the King County Medical Examiner's office, then Ciesynski continued, "I don't think they'd seen anybody with an overdose, in our county at least, that had that much of heroin in them." (The poor English used there is from Ciesynski's exact quote.)

So what, really, is the debate here?

We ALL agree on that issue and that is the real issue that proves Kurt Cobain could not have killed himself.

Of course we'll always have skeptics who claim we're wrong by using anecdotal information - never confirming their stories with actual documentation, even though they've had more than 22 years to do so.

Doesn't that tell us something about the accuracy of what the media likes to call, "the murder conspiracy theory"?

DR. Hunter's

First, did I hear Dr. Hunter bring Kurt's stomach pain back into play hear there?

Then, to bring this deliberately misleading episode to its conclusion, Dr. Hunter just ignored that elephant in the room and bought into the 22 years of the Seattle police cover-ups and the media's constant flow of misinformation.

"Kurt Cobain killed himself."

So here is my final word on this poorly produced and presented television show:

It's obvious that the massive dose of heroin would have killed Cobain. But as I stated in Part 1, I doubt he would have been dead within 1 minute.

However, if Kurt would have injected himself with that massive heroin dose, while alone in that room, it certainly would have knocked him out, rendering him immediately incapacitated within seconds and unable to perform any other physical tasks before he died, most likely within a few minutes after the injection.

And yet we're expected to believe that Kurt still had time to roll down his shirt sleeve, put the syringe(s) back in his drug kit box, carefully place the cap(s) back on the needle tips, then push the box and his other paraphernalia so far from his body that he couldn't reach it from where he was, somehow still managing to sit on the floor of the greenhouse before picking up the shotgun.

Yeah, that's what happened.

It just is.

Ask Dr. Hunter. He'll tell you.

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